Reading Notes

A new dimension of learning


mmexport1475170273605Pokémon Go gained such popularity and this fact leads many of us to thoughts about what exactly make this game special. It is the technology behind it. Augmented Reality is no longer word from science fiction’s terminology, it is part of the everyday life for millions of people around the world. Now more than ever specialists from different areas are refocusing their work, using Augmented Reality to improve their service and help people understand and interact with the surrounding environment in better way. Consumers also changed their expectations about the way in which information is being provided and accessed.


Reading and writing are already outdated methods to learn and any educator you ask about it will answer that learning process is complex process of interacting, involving and creating. The fact that no user detaches from the physical reality and no user actually interacts with completely virtual environment is the advantage of Augmented Reality. Owing to Augmented Reality now teachers and professors can create and add layer digital information over the real world. Furthermore, students can, too! The technology allows everyone to build new dimensions and explore everything from the atom to the universe.


Transforming complex descriptions into 3D models of visualization is engaging way to provide more authentic process of learning. The information becomes more understandable and available on individual level. Integration of the Augmented Reality in education attracts students’ attention and it helps for better memorizing for the generation born and raised in a digitized environment. The question is no longer if but when this technology will be included all along the line of more children, students and adults training.