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Digital Freedom: Access [LIMITED]

To be honest, the separation and classification in digital world, particularly in the online games, is partly understandable and in the same time completely inappropriate in my view. Considering virtual space and telepresence there is always connections between real world and digital world in the presence of metaphoric environment. In order to recognise what we…Read more Digital Freedom: Access [LIMITED]

Blood in the Mobile – comment

It is an ordinary afternoon, I am sitting in my bed with a hot cup of tea and my mind is entirely absorbed in my laptop, occasionally disturbed by notifications on my phone – a pretty usual picture which has nothing to be upset about, right? Wrong!   What makes this afternoon different is the…Read more Blood in the Mobile – comment

Spring Breakers – Analysis (audio)

[...] A possible connotation reveals the symbol of failed teen’s generation as depiction of failed government, failed education, failed culture, failed religion. In this line of thoughts, characters behaviour could be decoded as act of rebellion and their ineligible viewed as morally-wrong actions could be decoded as aim to kill the system they hate. [...]…Read more Spring Breakers – Analysis (audio)