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Game world: Race and Racism

The term RACE in Fantasy Race is used to describe differences in appearance, culture and geographical origin for characters. In fantasy the range of traits for different ‘races’ can be so great that they would be different species (dwarf - orgs). Players do not define races: races come prelabeled and identified in the game itself.…Read more Game world: Race and Racism

iSlavery and Corporate ‘Miracles’

  21st century slavery? Yes, it is something real. Furthermore, almost every person on the planet is part of it – either as slave or consumer. Amazon warehouse or where people are being killed ‘mentally and physically’: Extreme job insecurity, blackmailing, lack of rights; Inhuman work routine Internal temperature beyond 40 Celsius Disciplinary actions against…Read more iSlavery and Corporate ‘Miracles’

Happy Objects by Sara Ahmed

I might say, ‘‘You make me happy.’’ Or I might be moved by something, in such a way that when I think of happiness I think of that thing. Even if happiness is imagined as a feeling state, or a form of consciousness that evaluates a life situation achieved over time (Veenhoven 1984, 22– 3),…Read more Happy Objects by Sara Ahmed

Networks of Transmission & The Avatar and Online Affect

Networks of Transmission: Intensity, Sensation, Value Networked communications involve the circulation of data and information, but they equally entail a panoply of affective attachments: articulations of desire, seduction, trust, and memory; sharp jolts of anger and interest; political passions; investments of time, labor, and financial capital; and the frictions and pleasures of archival practices. The…Read more Networks of Transmission & The Avatar and Online Affect

Film, Mirror and Semiotics

CINEMA AND THE MIRROR André Bazin and Sergeu Eisentein, film theorists From 1916 onward, this focus on the conscious experience of the spectator predominated in film theory, as attested by the work of important film theorists such as André Bazin and Sergei Eisenstein. Though Bazin and Eisenstein agree on little, they do share a belief…Read more Film, Mirror and Semiotics

Aesthetic Labour or the ‘Barbie flu’

The Entrepreneurial Practices of Becoming a Doll   Living dolls celebrities/ of the ‘Barbie flu’: Post-Soviet (Russia and Ukraine mainly) – Olga Oleynik, Anzhelika Kenova, Valeria Lukyanova, Alina Kovalevskaya, Anastasiya Shpagina America – Dakota Rose Britain – Venus Angelic   In order to become a living doll, you will need: Strong makeup skills, rimmed contact…Read more Aesthetic Labour or the ‘Barbie flu’