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WEEK 6 – Exploring Digital Culture

  POSTHUMAN SUBJECTIVITY So, what is posthumanism? Multifaceted Many different uses Different contexts Permeability Rejection of anthropocentrism Reconsidering the place of the ‘human’ Rethinking of the liberal, human subject Could vote Own land and properties White Male Able bodied Heterosexual Class based “Not all of us can say, with any degree of certainty, that we…Read more WEEK 6 – Exploring Digital Culture

WEEK 6 – Transnational Subjectivity

Workshop about the Essay Film   Good essay film – the story is much in the voice, it has really strong argument. Everything is very carefully planned around the argument.   Argument for our essay film: Our group argument is to create an essay film about the cultural appropriation in the framework of 'eating the…Read more WEEK 6 – Transnational Subjectivity

WEEK 6 – Screen Culture and Selves

LACAN – The Psyche What we are building towards? Understandable sense of confusion around connotation and denotation. Spring breakers – we cannot understand it in denotation meaning.   How we integrate in structure, how we become who we are We are going to penetrate some of the things we talk about. The Lacan and the…Read more WEEK 6 – Screen Culture and Selves

Central Careers Session

What do UK employers want? Practical examples How employable are you How graduate employers recruit What employers are looking for on top of our degree? All job-seekers possess these skills to some extent: Discussed in pairs: Suggested: Communication skills Good communication Search skills Effective leadership and management Time management Planning and research skills Organisational skills…Read more Central Careers Session

Digital Freedom: Access [LIMITED]

To be honest, the separation and classification in digital world, particularly in the online games, is partly understandable and in the same time completely inappropriate in my view. Considering virtual space and telepresence there is always connections between real world and digital world in the presence of metaphoric environment. In order to recognise what we…Read more Digital Freedom: Access [LIMITED]