My name is Rostislava  Georgieva and this blog is a piece of a bigger project of mine – self Development, Ghange and Growth.


My areas of interest includes:

  •  Constructive journalism
  •  Documentary photography
  •  Positive media impact

Career goals:

  •  Work up the thesis about the power of photography as specific kind of communication. The visual media content has stronger impact and trigger the human’s mirror neurons.
  •  Challenge myself to find inspirational stories and create documentaries about best practices, initiatives and progress, pointing out solutions and alternatives instead of creating problem-focused content.
  •  Find successful way to connect the development-and-achievements focused media coverage with the recipients.


  •  The ability to show ‘the other side of the coin’ when change is actually possible. This way the recipient starts to pay attention, ponder over the question and eventually get inspired and involved.
  •  People are tired of negativity and flooding their life with problem-oriented stories only makes them more miserable with sense of helpless instead of pointing out solution and growing awareness.
  •  In my belief, we are ‘mirror creatures’ and we reflect what reached us. Making the media coverage focused on inspiring individuals and stories will affect our life in significant way.