Unboxing video, it looks like an advert, it looks stylish (and kind of annoying and still kind of compulsive).

‘Apple’ represent the ‘Global’ brand, they have a global presents and one can buy it from five continents. Their buildings look like very luxury and we can describe them as luxury, stylish, innovative… COOL.

‘Otutu’ – ancient West Africa, it become ‘cool’ because of the slavery in America. It is wide washing. Jazz music describing slaves’ emotions. The hippies start to make money of it.

Nowadays ‘cool’ mostly describe white people.



Commodity designed for the hip, trendy, urban consumer. Creative ‘careers’ in the arts, fashion, advertising, media.

This people often exist between middle and up class – which makes them ‘creative class’ of people. Flexible jobs in highly ideological standards, but the industry makes them incredible insecure.

‘Macbook Pro as industry standard.’ It shifts very quickly; you always have to consume more to become part of the creative class. It is expected that with apple device you create stuffs, you become producer.

The thing in your pocket is all you need. The user-produced content.

The house metaphor:

  • Top of the house – ideology, super structure
  • Walls – arts, literature, laws (owned by ruling classes)
  • Base structure – modes of production (working classes)



We must ask: who makes the tools for the makers? Whose labour underlies in consumer labour?


Mineral called Coltan used to create electronic devices. Mines in Congo, selling it to Europe, America, Asia. Blood in the Mobile – watch and make notes.

‘Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.’ – iPhone

iSlave – Foxconn, a very controversial company: it is exploitation of the poor, suicides.

Planned Obsolescence. Phoebus cartel – people who produce light bulbs. Light bulbs used to last for long, long time and the producers decide to make them broke more, so people go and buy more. ‘desire to own something a little newer, a little better, a little sooner than is necessary’ (Stevens, 1955, p.7)

The electronic waste trail – The dumped devices -> in developing countries



Hauling and Unboxing or how ideology gets inside.

?! The feeling of buying something new and go home and open it… ?!

Alienation – assembly line removes us from the producer. Alienates the maker from their product.

We need psychological self, in terms we become ‘I’ subject. We are all recruited to ideology, it is interpellation or hailing, it takes place outside the ideology. If we are looking for power, we are not necessary look on the places we expect to find it.


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