Helen Varley Jamieson, is a digital media artist playwright, performer, director and producer from New Zealand. In advance of her residency at Coventry University the digital media artist, gives us an insight into her work, the We Have A Situation! project, and how it will take place in Coventry.



We Have A Situation! is a collaborative artwork/performance developed by Helen. The work uses an innovative artistmade bespoke online software platform called UpStage. Using a ‘devised theatre’ model that translates into a week-long immersive workshop experience, the project will support students in the development of a plethora of skills: digital media production, drawing, performance, illustration/avatar development, script-writing, research, intercultural competency, social engagement, professional practice, programming, video production, live video-streaming, interface design and team work.


Internet technology to perform & engage

  • It is live/ly
  • Is situated in cyberspace
  • Is distributed
  • Has attitude
  • Is resourceful Is transparent
  • Is unfinished
  • Different people access it and it is always evolving
  • Early performance
  • Water (war)s (2001)
  • With desktop theatre
  • The (abc) experience (2001-02)
  • Avatar Body collision




Cyberformance: internet based live performance where actors can perform from different places on the same theme and at the same time.

How we can think about Cyberformance as conversation

The technology:




– Making work that is using digital, going online, bringing conversation but the “real” and “virtual” are pushed together.

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