After watching ‘Writing Desire’ essay film the words ‘loving’ and ‘traditional’ become slightly more negative in my mind. In fact, from now on phrases as ‘lasting marriage and a happy home’ will always bring this image of the mail-ordered females and this feeling of irrecoverable loss.


Emotions being materialized…
Humans being trade as objects…
Love being filtrated, categorized and purchased via Internet…


Perhaps this is the part of the essay film which I found most disturbing: in the beginning of the video when you can see scrolling down a list of different countries and then age/ race/ weight/ etc. categories so the customer can browse around the website and choose the more desirable shape and format. I cannot even compare it to ‘standard’ shopping. I mean, how one can look at a person as it is an object with price tag on it?! It is just wrong…


With regard to the music in the essay film, I usually find it as a method to create a contrast and this way make the message more powerful. In Writing Desire, the music is not dramatic, it does not create sense of sadness or nostalgia. However, it was kind of tense and certainly exaggerates the feeling of how the world we live in took the wrong and sick direction.


Last but not least – the impact of speech, both written down as part of the screen images and recorded as part of the audio. In my belief, essay films would never be complete and efficient if missing the role of the words. The speech creates sense of dialog and raises questions in our mind. The merge of images, music and speech affects more of our perceptions and engages our attention.


Someone once told me that evolution is always a process of progress and cannot be a process of degradation. I already seriously doubt that statement…



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