Enterprising women
Case study of the living dolls


Movement of women who tried to achieve the appearance of dolls. Some of them become popular. A lot of this women come from Ukraine (Odessa in particular). The connection between live dolls and mail-order brides – they create the idea of women as objects, they do not look real.

It is procreation of American style of beauty (Barbie flu) and also Asian style (Japanese kawaii). They are borrowing from the East and from the West – cultural hybridity. Mixing images.


We often procreate without even knowing.

Wearing Food Technologies Apple – it is American brand, but they produced it in China


Clothes has American vision, but are produced in Asia


Western design – Eastern produce



What Shirt, jeans, boots, glasses, accessory, jacket, hat, bag Rice, noodles, pasta, sushi, vegetable, sea food, hamburger, cheese, bacon, pancakes Smartphone, laptop, tablets, kindle, camera, game consoles, washing machine, dryer, automatic door, etc…
Where China, Thailand, Morocco, India European Union, Japan, Local China, Thailand


The question is who is actually make them? The designer? The producer?

Economic policy – neo liberalism.

Neoliberal Economy. New economy law – no trade barriers, when countries can share trade for free, share income and export. It sounds like a good idea, but it is not. Because the situation and resources are different everywhere.


We are a Nation***

Water, School, Hospital, Prison, Railway, Police, Fire Service

You’re all paid for through WELFARE.

PRIVATIZED – someone different from the government

PRISON looking to make a profit: make the prisoners work

These are our rights and have to be accessible by everyone.


Shaping subjectivity – subjectivity is almost economic. Culture as a two-way process. New ideas fit in the ideas already there – borrowing elements from each other. It becomes like fish swimming in water. Does the fish notice the water? No. This economic practices are so deep that we cannot see it and see how it shapes us.


Companies of One

  • See ourselves as s project to be worked on.
  • Talk of profile, profit, investments and payoffs (investment in my future, payoff to a friend, etc.)
  • The ‘shape-shifting’ portfolio

Business become quite personal (like thank you card).



  • Expectations to always be working on body and mind.
  • Self-transformation is always failure


Living dolls are example of non-stop transformation.

Branding ourselves.

The Global context – how these different ideas become incorporated in different cultures?


World of work.

How we understand everyday practices?

  • Flexible
  • Precarious
  • Aesthetic


Aesthetic labour

  • What we consumer has become representative of who we are
  • As the gap between the public and the private narrows who we are is also what we do




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