How love travels? Some people travel across the globe to look for things like love.

And there are brides who are send as a postage to someone who ordered them.

Mail-ordered bride is a new way of slavery. Usually she is from Eastern Europe, Thailand, Philippines, Russia and also Africa and Latin America are becoming new markets. It is a growing industry.

The problematic language:



THE POST – it was revolutionary technology to be able to contact with someone who lives on different place

THE TELEPHONE – communicate with someone on the other side of the globe for instant

THE TRANSPORTATION – to fly, a new way to move your physical body from one place to another for a little time

THE INTERNET – it is the Internet that changes everything and gives new meaning of contact, communication and transportation.

Now the Screen is the place where love actually happens for many people.
And many people fall in love with the Screen.


What is love?

Feeling, difficult to explain; romance, passion, affect, selfless, admire, empathy, trust, rely. It is something specific for everyone.

Is love universal? Do we all feel love in the same way?

It is universal and essential in the frames of a feeling known everywhere in the world. But it is also very individual, because every single person is unique and experience the feeling in his own way.

What structures, institutions, social relations shape love?

The structures that influence out perception of love are different and their role in someone’s life has different meaning. There are the media – films, music, book, adverts, etc.; the idols, people we admire and try to mimic; parents; science, philosophers; religion…


The typical representation: a couple, man and woman, same race – finding their significant other.

The first romantic novels share this point of view – to meet your ‘other half’ and together to become a ‘whole’. But do we need another person to feel this way? I believe we are perfectly whole human beings. And love is not about looking for someone else so you can feel ‘part’ of it. It is more like two persons’ conscious choice to share a path together for some time (it does not have to be ‘for a lifetime’).

Today consumer capitalism take everything beautiful from the feeling love and put it on the market. Romantic experience and consumerism merge in some kind of grotesque.





Media shapes orientalist discourse. If we do not know something we characterise it with the opposite terms we use to describe ourselves.


East is represent in academic books, paintings, etc. The West is trying ‘to save’ the people from the East.

But how you can claim that you want to save something you do not even understand?

A shocking example: Venus Hottentot

She was born in slavery. Then she was in a freak show because of her body shape looks different. Scientist took experiments on her body. After her dead (1815) she was displayed in a museum (until 2002)…..



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