These are just a few inspirational phrases I would like to keep for the future.


We feel that we are not as good in reality as we are in games. What exactly are gamers getting good at?

We do achieve more in game worlds. But I also mean good as in motivated to do something that matters – inspired to collaborate and to cooperate. And when we’re in game worlds, I believe that many of us become the best version of ourselves.

So when we talk about how much time we’re currently investing in playing games, the only way it makes sense to even think about it is to talk about time at the magnitude of human evolution, which is an extraordinary thing. But it’s also apt, because it turns out that by spending all this time playing games,we’re actually changing what we are capable of as human beings. We’re evolving to be a more collaborative and hearty species.


Now, I know you’re asking, “How are we going to solve real-world problems in games?”

We do not want to try to predict the future. What we want to do is make the future. We want to imagine the best-case scenario outcome, and then we want to empower people to make that outcome a reality. We want to imagine epic wins, and then give people the means to achieve the epic win.



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