The good practice of note taking is essential no matter how obvious it looks likes.

So, here are some key moments on how to master the art of create valuable notes.

  • Key words are… the key! Write only important things and DO NOT try to write down every single word which was spoken in the class. It is time consuming and doesn’t allow you to focus on more important things.
  • Write down your own ideas. If you come up with something during the class – write it. It may be your own thoughts, agreement or disagreement with the thoughts the lecturer just shared, it can be a question as well.
  • If it is easier for you – draw, put arrows, make an info graphics to visualise what is going on.
  • Do some research after class. Teachers are usually there not to full our heads with someone else’s ideas, but to inspire us to think about different problematic issues, to research and come up with our own opinion.
  • Record the classes. You can come back to them later and make additional notes.
  • Publish class notes on your Personal Development Portfolio. It is a digital record of your engaging process and you can always come back to them.
  • Share your notes with others. This way you share ideas and also can inspire people in your own online community.
  • Make sure you use right category for each article. Put relevant tags, so this way you build connection between relevant articles. And it makes it easy for visitor to orientate in your blog.
  • Keep this ‘How to take notes’ as a reminder and refer to it regularly.



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