The documentary is built as a combination of text, music and pictures. Short video cuts show same figures but in different contexts. How we see things depends on political issues, geography space, people who are involved. There is also gradation in the video montage and it gets stronger because of the contrast.

‘Storyteller is someone who share his way of see’ – a definition which allows the audience to merge with the speaker and to feel that everyone could be a storyteller. The speech combined with relevant images becomes powerful and moving message.

‘Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.’


Part of the content is build on opposite pair of words and collocations:

  • if you don’t love us – then you hate us
  • if you aren’t with us – then you are with the terrorists
  • if you are suspicious in nationalism – then you are anti-nationalist

And this is lack of imagination, lack of ability to see things in different from the established way.

We do live in a dual world and it is difficult for people to create thesis, descriptions and explanations without using yinyang,  black and white, good and bad, heaven and hell, plus and minus… We are telling stories and express emotions, define situations and describe people in most cases with duality (‘there cannot be light without darkness’).

It is hard for us to look on things from completely new and different angle, to suggest that something we cannot tell good, is not bad for instance





Dead of dreaming…

What lost mean to individuals?

What it means to a society that lives with it as a constant?


start reading
or we are screwed


I would say the final is open and advises the recipient to continue, to go further, to learn, to sto change…



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