What is it?
  • This is about me.
  • What I want to do.
  • What I want to bring to this study.
What it should look like?
  • Pick clever, academic, critique topic.
  • Process of Research → Practice
  • Think about way to present it
  • What is the project about?
  • How are other people involved?
  • How my work makes impact?
  • Do not sit in a ‘bubble’. It must be open to the outer world.
  • The work I do outside is the most important.
  • Think of it as a process – to develop an idea and become confident.
  • Take a slice, not the whole cake!
  • Define words. Define target groups.
  • Ask ‘WHY?’ all the time.


! Be passionate about it !
!! Make something original. (What I can add to something that is already there?) !!


! ! !     M A K E     I T     M E A N I N G F U L     ! ! !


* do not use the words affect, influence, impact and significance



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