………. I am sitting on small bench in the waiting room of a hospital. There is a girl with long blond hair sitting next to me and telling me about her kidney pain. My phone rings – a new order. I have to go and find colorprint paper, batteries and screwdriver (‘what a strange combination’ I am thinking).

A man I meet outside tells me about a bus accident and I become worried about my aunt and cousin who were supposed to travel with that bus. Then my grandmother and my uncle are sitting next to me, they are silently looking down and I cannot see their eyes. I am starting to cry and I am getting really upset, in a moment I cannot even take a breath.

I take decision to go to the bathroom and wash my face. As I am closing the bathroom’s door I see a cat climbing at it. The cat is hairless with pale pink sagging skin. It jumps behind me and scratch my neck (for a moment it seems like it whispers me something) and escapes through the window……….



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