Our first Transnational Subjectivity class starts with the question Who are we? and a group discussion about what we think NATION is.


What is a nation?

– Nation is a group of people who live in geographic location, share culture, traditions, language, history and have a sense of belonging.

Is nation fixed?

– No, it cannot be fixed. We live in constantly changing world, people’s mobility is high and different circumstances can influence one’s sense of nationality.

Is your nationality permanent?

– People travel, share, mix… So, nationality can change and it depends on how person feels, what influences his sense of nationality.


Interesting moment of that class was the part about how we are telling stories. In the most common case, the ‘neat story’ which has beginning, middle and end. We expect from every story to have this structure and we create our stories like a tree. But this does not allow us to see alternatives, turn overs, other opportunities, ‘paths of desire’ and other small and big components that could be part of it. We tend to think about the world in linear narrative and to look at things in organised ways.

BUT there is another way we could think about the world – a complex metaphor of a city: interconnected, overlapping, messy, multilayered, diversified…



Learning objectives (in my own words):

  1. Combine your experience with others’ experience, include your individuality.
  2. Use multidisciplinary approach in your practice.
  3. Look through someone else’s eyes, walk in someone else’s shoes.
  4. Work as a team.
  5. Create MEANINGFUL work.

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