Visual culture is about identification and this module is about subject formation.

During the class many questions were asked – Who am I? What am I? Why am I? …


Do I know myself? Do I know my taste? Do I know why I like the things I like?

I believe CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT in our lives. Today I am not who I was yesterday and tomorrow I will not be the same person I am today. My current view, opinions and belief are formed under the influence of certain circumstances. With every experience no matter how small or big it is, I changed. With every new person I meet, I changed. So do my tastes, my preferences, the things I like, the things I love – my entire inner world changes with every single interaction with the outer world.

Am I an individual? Am I in control of my own reactions, decisions, choices? Or am I under different external influences that define me?

Many of us prefer to believe they are individuals. Me too. But I also know that I cannot really be in complete control all the time and there are circumstances, more than I can think of, that may be able to make me react or think in a way I even had not thought of. Many of my reactions can be spontaneous and not defined in advance. However, there is something else which could characterise me as an individual. This is the personal attitude – how I choose to reflect something that influence me. For example, a shocking story reaches me and as expected affects me – that is normal and as individual I cannot predict or prepare for it. But I have the power to choose what happens next: Will I look it from the bright side or not? Will I try to evaluate it objectively? Will I share the story and with whom? What emotions will I share? Will I suggest something, do further research on the topic or will I leave it in the past after my affection is gone?

My approach to every issue makes me who I am. And it changes along just like I change every day, hour and minute.

What is your favourite film? Why?

This is a story for another post. Read it here:


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