Our first class was about Community. We discussed some general questions. Am I part of community? Do we change our communities? What is the benefits of being in a community? How communities change in online environment?

Group Of Multi-Ethnic People Social Networking

What is HOME? Home is where our heart is. Home is family, love, comfort, it is the little things that speak for a bigger picture.

Community is not something fixed, it can change, move, grow… We join different communities in different stages of out lives. Usually, it depends on our interests, profession, hobbies and it can be everything we are passionate about.

We can be an active or a passive member of a community. We can just explore, or we can actively engage in different activities. In the most cases, people become more active over the time they spend in a community and when someone is new he prefer to be less active.

To be part of a community may come with many benefits. As group of people who share same interest we can help each other, we can give advice, we can organise events, we can change something to better version. Different institutions also have benefits of communities – media and advertisers for example, because they look on community as a target audience.

With the development of the globalisation, from local communities grow in global communities. The concepts of ‘Global village’ and ‘Global playground’ – people from all over the world, sharing their stories, experience, ideas. It is interesting fact that instead of being equal people in online communities find different methods to measure each other, to put some people ‘in control’ and that way they create structures of power.

Communities define us. Attachment, the sense of belonging makes the community part of one’s identity.


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