My training officially began. The first group task is completed and despite the difficulties and the limited time we had available, I feel satisfied with the work we had done as a group. Our creative tasks – 5-minute live broadcast and printed magazine in our chosen theme (Pokémon Go) motivated us and made us work as a strong team and at individual level I believe each of us gave the best he is capable of.


I found this experience challenging and successful because the fear and doubt that filled my mind at the beginning was transformed into feeling more initiative and confident. As group of six we took surprisingly quick and easy decision on the topic we had to choose. Some of us were more interested in the game and others wanted to expand their knowledge about the technology. The process of considering how to make our magazine cohesive made us really work as a team and the distribution of tasks was an important moment for determining everyone’s contribution.

I believe that one of the most valuable skills I developed during our group work was working in international environment with people from different countries, with different backgrounds. Considering our final piece of work, I think that my organisation skills were significantly expanded – I was not that worried about organising my part of the work, but explaining to whole group of people (which I just met the other day) what was my concept idea and what I want from them and even give them deadlines for sending me their work – that was the real challenge for me. To defeat myself also was something new and different for me – I thought that I don’t want to be the one in front of the camera during our live broadcast, but I was and even more – I enjoyed it.


Working in group (which is usually not the way I do things) brought my confidence on new level. At the beginning I was scared to share my ideas, but at the end I realise that most of the ideas I come up with are well accepted and appreciated from the whole group. Our magazine’s name ‘Plus 1’ was my first almost whispered idea, then I put every piece of work (articles, charts, quiz, pictures) together and the group were very pleased with my page layout. Certainly, my ability to think about creative approaches in short time was expanded by both tasks. During the time I was writing the talk show script, an idea of using tracing paper to present Augmented Reality in our magazine pop up in my mind and I got so enthusiastic that I barely wait until morning to tell the others.

I do not think that it is too much to say that I am really proud of what my team and I achieved. For me this experience was like the words ‘IT’S UP TO YOU’ and ‘CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING’ transforming in real life situation. Also I am certain about that every single developed and expanded skill during this group work I will be able to use in every other sphere in my professional life. I hope that each following task will confront my fears and uncertainty, will push me to the boundaries we imagine are there and will allow me to grow and develop.


Here you can find our magazine:

And here is our talk show:

“I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.”

~ Natalie Portman


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